The 清洁ing process is a home chore most people rarely find fun. With spring in full bloom, a thorough 清洁ing of appliances, furniture, carpet, rugs, cabinets, and more are a priority. Luckily, these helpful hints from 阿莱尔之家will turn the most challenging spring 清洁ing chores into stress-free tasks.




收起除尘器,然后打开洗衣机。打开‘clean’ cycle or the hottest wash cycle plus the added rinse cycle to 清洁 the washing machine’s interior. 清洁 the dirtiest windows. The likely culprits are in noticeable areas where guests gather such as living rooms, dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. Wipe down the exterior of refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and stainless steel items with baking soda and a sponge for hard to scrub grime. Use soap and water for easier 清洁ing. Be careful 清洁ing around touchpads, buttons, and knobs. Afterward, 清洁 shower doors with lemon oil and watch water slide off.


Switch gears and 清洁 the screens on televisions, clocks, phones, tablets, and other electronics using sanitizing wipes. Continue spring 清洁ing chores by focusing energy on 清洁ing remote controls. Grab more sanitizing wipes and thoroughly 清洁 TV, DVD, cable, and video game remote controls. Then, sanitize the garbage disposal by dropping a lemon wedge, salt, and ice cubes into it.



阿莱尔之家 wants the 清洁ing process to be as effortless as making a mess. Make 清洁ing more effortless by 清洁ing one room a day. By breaking down home 清洁ing into manageable chunks, it becomes less overwhelming. In closing, sanitize and deodorize the home with ease with 阿里尔 ’s productive hints.